Winter Safety Tips: Check out your Insurance Policies

Winter is upon us and with a vengeance. The temperatures are rising and dropping every day, and this causes havoc on your vehicles, your home, and your outside activities.   Winter has serious effects on your health when indulging in winter sports and driving to and from places.

Auto Insurance

Take time to check out your auto and home insurance policies and make the necessary policy changes that will give you the ultimate protection for the winter season and beyond. Insurance solutions for SLC, UT, are just a click of the mouse or a phone call away to your insurance agent.

Too often, people are caught unprepared when winter accidents or home damage happens. Review your insurance coverage for all your vehicles and your home so you won’t be left with unexpected expenses.

Take a close look at your auto insurance policy. Think about the risks that occur during the winter months and get in touch with your insurance agent for better insurance solutions for SLC, UT, and Utah’s interesting winter weather. Some winter insurance winter hints include:

Increasing your coverage by adding comprehensive and collision coverage on the vehicles you drive in the winter. Risk levels rise in the winter because of slippery conditions, less daylight, and unfamiliar driving. Comprehensive coverage will protect you against storm damage, and collision will protect you against physical damage when you run into someone else on the winter roads.

Think about roadside assistance if you do not have it. Roadside assistance can be convenient when slid-offs occur. Being stuck at the side of the road is never good, and roadside assistance can provide you with that little extra peace of mind. Discuss this strategy with insurance solutions for SLC, UT, and avoid high towing bills this winter.

Home Insurance

Winter weather poses risks for property damage in the form of snow, water, ice, and even the cold. If you read through your homeowner’s insurance policy, you may find your insurance policy doesn’t cover some of these damages. Check with insurance solutions in SLC, UT, to ensure that you are insured against winter’s damages.

The heavyweight of snow covering your roof is a big worry. Check your home insurance policy to make sure it provides coverage for snow, ice, and sleet weight.

Check nearby trees that could crack and fall. They may hit your house or car. Check your policy to ensure that it covers damage to your property due to broken trees.

Take steps to ensure that your pipes are protected. Burst pipes can mean flooding. Make sure your insurance covers flooding due to burst pipes by talking with insurance solution sin SLC, UT.

Protect interior walls and make sure your insurance policy covers interior wall damage. If ice damages your roof or snow melts out of your gutters and seeps through the roof and soaks into your wall, you will have an expensive repair bill.

Avoid overloading your electrical circuits. Your circuits work extra hard during the winter. You probably tend to use portable heaters, electric blankets, and another item to keep you warm. You overload your circuits and could be a big problem. Overloading could lead to blown fuses, which can be dangerous and start a fire.

Insurance Solutions in SLC, UT for Outdoor Activities

Have you thought about other insurance options for winter sports? Outdoor activities like skiing and snowboarding, or even snowmobiling and snowshoeing, bring on risks that need to be considered.

According to the SnowSport Safety Foundation, “During one hour on the slopes and trails of California ski areas, there is five times or greater risk of death than during one hour behind the wheel of an automobile and 15 times or greater risk of injury.” Insurance will give you peace of mind when you are skiing or snowmobiling. Check out insurance solutions in SLC, UT, to see what additions to your insurance policies needs to be made.

You are probably traveling with expensive and specialist equipment, and adding these items together with crowds, and snowy conditions mean that you have a greater risk of financial loss due to injury and theft.

When skiing, get good winter travel insurance. Check out insurance by looking into insurance solutions for SLC, UT. This type of insurance will cover medical emergencies, including medical assistance on the slopes. Be confident in knowing you have insurance in case you take a tumble on or off the slopes. Just remember to stay within resort boundaries to keep your insurance coverage viable.

Winter fun means snowmobiling. Snowmobiles can weigh as much as 600 pounds and can reach speeds up to 90 miles per hour. Injuries from snowmobiling accidents can be very severe, and it is important to be totally covered when you venture out in the snow for a snowmobile ride.  If you think that you don’t need snowmobile insurance, think again, and consider the 14,000 people in North America who were injured last year while riding snowmobiles.

Don’t panic. Wintertime is a fun and cozy time, and there are so many indoor and outdoor entertainments.  Protect your winter fun and have peace of mind. Check out insurance solutions for SLC, UT, by checking with Risk Managers, LLC LLC in Salt Lake City.

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