What Is The Difference Between Term Insurance, Life Insurance & Health Insurance?

Insurance is the financial support for any impulsive situation of life. The concept of insurance is to offer protection to loved ones who face the loss due to some unpredictable incident. As life always does not go on unpredictable lines, there can be an occurrence of unforeseen situations can occur at any time, any place to anyone. With such possibility, a concept of helping the recovery from the loss was the main motive behind the advent of insurance. It is important to know the differences between various key types of insurances before taking final decisions.

Types of insurance:

The major types of insurance are term, life, and health. They are the key types that offer assistance for human health and loss of lives. You may choose any of these according to your requirements or future desires. It is key to know the basic aspects of these insurance policies before enrolling in any of them. Insurance will help you in recovering the loss of your close one by offering financial assistance. This is key for a smooth living of a person who would be dependent on the demise of a person in the family or during crunch health deterioration. While it is true that there can be no replacement for the loss of our loved one but financial help can help the family in a long way. Below are the differences between these major insurance types:


This is a fixed-term policy that is given by insurance companies to offer financial aid to the nominee of policyholders if the loved one expires in the term period. Also known as pure protection policy that safeguards the family when caretaker has gone forever. There can be no claim to the financial aid if the person is living until the completion of the term. Some of the major points are:

  • It covers the financial aid of the family if the insured person passes away during the term period. It offers a one-time fixed sum after the person passes away.
  • The payment of premium is usually annual, and the total price is not too high to hurt the pockets as some of the other types of insurance.
  • This will not offer policy maturity benefits as it is a financial package to the family members if the insured person passes away during the term.
  • If the person survives the term period, then this term policy is concluded.
  • It is unique from all other insurance policies but if the term insurance plan is a premium insurance plan, then it will return the premiums paid throughout the term. This refund of premiums has the benefit of tax-free and can be claimed without hassles.


In this, the policyholder gets the total sum assured after the maturity of the insurance policy. If a person passes away or alive, there will be no impact on the receiving of the total payment. The policyholder can fix the policy period and if in case they are expired the money is given to the nominee. Some of the major points are:

Protection to the family in the situation of untimely death. It can aid them in continuing their regular needs and reach life goals even after the person passes away.

The Death benefit amount is paid to the nominee of the Life assured with benefits like Maturity, Surrender, Loyalty, etc that can be attached to the basic coverage.

This is helpful for families if you are the sole bread earner and life will be the same even after death. The sum assured paid by the insurance will help meet the long-term expenses of the children or other members in paying bills, clearing debts, etc. The motive is to support the family when the main pillar has passed away.


As life is unpredictable, we constantly earn to safeguard the future of our family with the constantly changing prices for essentials. The most worrying aspect of this routine spending is the investment in medical expenses with expensive hospitals and their invoices. Health insurance safeguards us from these situations due to unexpected ailments. Health insurance will be your best friend when the health insurance individual or members added in the policy get sick due to any ailment, get hospitalized, or needs any type of medical assistance like surgery. All the medical expenses are then reimbursed with an assurance of peace in routine life. Health insurance policy has the provision of adding your closed ones in the family as per the added premium. This policy is mainly helpful during health emergencies and prolonged hospital stays even with issues like Covid-19. They cover medical tests, medicines, surgeries, hospitalization, and other medical expenses. The motive is to help the insurance holder and the members to be financially stable with the ever-increasing medical expenses. Some of the major points are:

  • It safeguards you and the family members added in your medical or health policy plan from unpredicted medical expenses.
  • Health insurance can be compared to an invisible hand, serving you through the financial requirements during the times of need, irrespective of any time of the week, month, or year.
  • The premium pay-outs can be monthly or yearly, even though some insurance companies can provide a quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly premium too.
  • This issue also comes with a no-claim maturity bonus or a passage of the unused amount in few cases leading to reduced premium payments in the future years.
  • Health insurance is an investment policy that helps you monetarily when you require it the most. Some health insurance policies also have the advantage of the market-associated investment plan.

Final thoughts:

If you are looking to buy any kind of insurance to safeguard your loved ones, health, and your life, contact a reliable Insurance solution like Risk Manager. We provide coverage to protect your assets with all types of insurance needs.


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