How Insurance Helps Business Owners

Today, the reality of being sued and inundated with lawsuits is far more prevalent for business owners then years past. Lawsuits, in general, are damaging for the business, no matter the outcome.  They can be financially burdensome and slanderous. There are a variety of reasons why small and big companies get sued, and that same amount is not appropriately insured to protect themselves, their name as well as their employees. Below are just a few examples of the reasons behind lawsuits, but keep in mind there can be more.

Several reasons why businesses face lawsuits are the following: employees who feel they were unfairly disciplined or terminated, customers claiming discrimination or personal injury on site, defective products, breach of contract, and so on. No matter the reasoning for the lawsuit, the damage is done, and now it must be rectified by either following the suit through or begin salvaging the reputation of the business. Either of these can be exhausting financially and mentally. The following are a few tips to help prevent lawsuits.

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How can this be prevented or protected? Well first, making sure you have adequate insurance coverage in place is a priority. Be sure to get enough coverage, because some lawsuits can cost upwards of over a million dollars, which will devastate not only your business but your life as well. It’s always better to prepare for the worst.

Next on the list is finding and solving ways to reduce risks within your company. What this means is that you need to ensure that employees are following policies and protocols, proper training, continuous training, and be sure you are aware of your state and federal laws for practices within your business.  This can be done internally or by a hired company. This action gives you a secure cushion should any lawsuits arise, especially when you have documentation of all those listed previously.

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Third, contracts are crucial and will save you enormously. Contracts are binding and can stop many lawsuits in their tracks, even potential ones. In addition to this, having legal assistance contracted within your company will be beneficial. Contracts will protect you and the signer should a lawsuit arise. Contracts outline services or requirements, benefits and consequences as well as duration, specifics, and so on.

Your business is your livelihood, your dream comes to fruition, and above all else, it’s yours. Why wouldn’t you protect your business as you do your health, automobile, and home?  You believe in your company, and we want to support you. It’s an option that is there for you, and you will feel rest assured in the long run of the protections in place.

Since 1985, Risk Managers, LLC of Utah have been helping not only families but also businesses to protect their assets. We understand business and are ready to help you ensure complete coverage of your business needs. Contact us and we will review the risks and go over them in detail with you so you can worry about other priorities while we take care of the rest.




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