Your home purchase is finalized, you have the homeowner’s insurance policy in hand, and you believe everything is great. You are a responsible homeowner, and you have purchased the required homeowner’s policy. Did you read through your policy to find out what exclusions and exceptions are in your policy?

There are common homeowner insurance exclusions, but you can get “riders” or additional insurance coverage for these exceptions if you talk to your agent about Utah insurance solutions. Here are a few of the exclusions and exceptions that most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover.

Earth Movements

Homeowner’s insurance policies exclude earth movements like earthquakes, sinkholes, and even mudflows. Your basic homeowner’s insurance will not cover these types of damages, but you can get added coverage by asking about Utah insurance solutions. You might find that you do need to obtain an additional policy. Earth movement insurance can be an add-on to your current home insurance coverage. If you live in an earthquake region, this additional insurance could be very valuable.

Water Damage

Your home insurance will cover certain types of water damages, including flooding caused by a burst pipe. However, flood damage due to sewer system issues is not usually covered, and neither is flood-related damage usually covered by your homeowner’s insurance. If you are looking to protect your home from expensive damages due to floodwaters, you will need to purchase additional insurance for floods damage.

Intentional or Preventable Loss

Home insurance policies do not cover damage you intentionally caused or if something happens that is considered preventable. Maintain the upkeep on your home to avoid having expensive losses. For example, your homeowner’s insurance will not cover your roof if the shingles are damaged by wear and tear. You need to prove weather damage that was unavoidable.

Mold Damage

A homeowner’s insurance exclusion that is a bit surprising is mold damage. Mold grows over time, and because of this, insurance companies view mold as something that can be prevented before it becomes an issue that affects your home or health.

To prevent mold from becoming a health hazard, you need to keep it under control. Your homeowner’s insurance will not pay for mold damage repairs.

Aggressive Dog Breeds

Home insurance policies may not cover dog bites and injuries from aggressive dogs. Contact your insurance agent to find out about Utah insurance solutions for these damages. Some dog breeds that are usually exempt from coverage include pit bulls, Rottweilers, Chows, and Akitas, or if your dog has a history of being aggressive, your policy may not cover dog bite damages.  It might be a good idea to check with your city or area to find out what types of aggressive dogs are not insured.

Pools and Trampolines

Check out home insurance policies to see if trampoline or pool injuries are covered. Usually, injuries caused by a trampoline or pool on your property are not covered. You can, however, purchase coverage options for these items.

Luxury Items

If you have expensive jewelry, artwork, firearms, musical instruments, or high-value items, a normal homeowner’s policy will limit the coverage for these items. Contact your insurance agent for Utah insurance solutions and ensure your agent is aware of what luxury items you have so they can insure it properly.

Identity Theft

Check and see if you have this type of coverage. It is becoming common in home insurance policies to cover damage done by identity theft, but not all carriers make it a standard item. Call your agent to discover Utah insurance solutions in the event of identity theft.

Defamation of Character

Home insurance offers personal liability coverage when someone injures themselves on your property, but slander and defamation of character that often go along with injuries usually are not included.

Business Related Claims

Home insurance for any business type claim can be very complicated. If you are doing business in your home or out of your home, discuss Utah insurance solutions with your insurance agent. Some exclusions can be “bought back,” and if you have an independent insurance agent, they can help you with a variety of carriers to find a company that will protect your property.  It would be sad if you lost your home and business because of an insurance problem.

Contact Risk Managers, LLC, your Utah insurance solutions company, with any questions you have. They can be reached at or by calling 801-262-1220.

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