This year we have had record-breaking snowfall in Utah. Because of that, as we slowly move into spring, we are on the alert for flooding. 


We care about your homes, families, and businesses, so we want you to be aware of the risks you may be facing. But we also want to provide you with information and ways to mitigate loss and stay safe.


The Salt Lake Tribune recently posted an article, “Utah Flooding Resource Guide: What to do before, during, and after a flood,” which we found helpful. In it, the guide advises Utah residents to check the flood map to see if they are in a flood zone. It also advises us to plan ahead and gives us specific examples of how we can do just that.


While the time is quickly approaching, and it is too late to buy a flood insurance policy, it is important to understand what coverage you have available. The Utah Insurance Department provides insight into this in the article “Flood Insurance in Utah.”


As we all prepare, we hope that the spring runoff will be slow enough to avoid any flooding of our homes and businesses. But even if we don’t have floods, we may still experience water damage from the heavy winter. Take a look at this article from Belfor, “Protect Your Property from Winter Damage,” for additional risks to protect against and advice. 


Please be safe this spring! Stock up on sandbags as needed, and store grandma’s photo album and journal upstairs, on a high shelf, just in case.

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