A major strength for the majority of persons is the capability to work and get appropriate income. Irrespective of their occupation, disability is a risk that can be faced by every working individual, posing a big risk to their income. With all these risks, what would be the condition if a person suddenly loses the capability to earn income? What if an illness or serious accident prevents them from working for longer durations? Will they be capable enough to pay for their kids’ education, pay the mortgage or lead a peaceful life after retirement? The positive answer to all these questions is disability insurance. 


What Is Disability Insurance? 

  • As the name implies, disability insurance is a kind of insurance that offers income to the policyholder if they are restricted from working and earning income because of any mentioned disabilities. The United States has provisions for individuals to get disability insurance from the government via Social Security System and private insurance firms. This insurance requires you to pay a regular premium which will, in turn, compensate you with a portion of your income in the situation of any disability. Generally, disability insurance is presented in two categories: short-term and long-term. 
  • Relying on the type of disability policy, short-term insurance compensates for a prefixed portion of the salary. This is generally around 50% to 60% for some months in case of any short-term disabilities. Long-term insurance will partially compensate the block of income for a longer time in case of any disability. It is crucial to note the waiting period in long-term insurance, which is the period after which you will start receiving benefits. Hence, it is suggested to keep emergency funds to compensate for this period where you will not have work nor start getting benefits from the long-term insurance. 


How Does It Work? 

  • Usually, other types of insurance products will safeguard against any particular loss. It could be related to loss of property, casualty that will compensate the policyholder with the value of the property, or insured amount for the individual. But disability insurance will compensate the income lost for either short or long term caused due to disability. 
  • For instance, if a team member earned some amount while working before becoming disabled, which prevents them from getting continuous income, the disability insurance would compensate them for a predefined portion of lost income. In general terms, disability insurance will safeguard the income-earning ability of disabled employees. 
  • By the policyholder must be qualified to certain conditions for getting eligibility in gaining the benefits. This is highly applicable to the US government-related social security system. To meet the needs and receive payments, the individuals must prove their disability and impact that negates their ability to carry appropriate works. This proof also needs to be lasting for a minimum of a year or the evidence that the condition may result in death in the future. Some private insurance policies only look for proof that the individuals cannot continue in their similar work channels as per prior conditions. 
  • Similar to other types of insurance, disability insurance plans will have expensive premiums if the policyholder needs more exclusive benefits from them. Vice versa, the insurance plans with the least benefits will have a tag of low insurance premiums. Individuals must keep a note of all the important factors that influence the premiums of the insurance. The major one among them is the length of the waiting period, which is the total period which the policyholder needs to wait before becoming disabled and start receiving the payments. It is reliant on the definition of disability of that disability insurance policy. 


Why do you need disability insurance? 

If you are young, healthy, and having worked at the desk profession, then you may think that there are fewer chances of being injured at work due to disability. Some individuals associate the disability insurance with accidents which is not the only case for eligibility. Most disabilities are due to illnesses like heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and many more. While there are no sure ways to safeguard you from these disabilities, even if you follow all the safe routines, you can always safeguard your income which you would be getting if you do not encounter the disabilities. You can protect the interests of you and your close ones when you lose the capability to earn the income due to unfortunate disability. 

What are the factors impacting the cost of disability insurance? 

The overall cost of insurance changes depending on the definition of the disability of that insurance policy. Other major factors include the contribution from the employer, waiting periods, health, age, period of coverage (long- or short-term). There will be variations about social security insurance or privacy policies. But if you are considering the key elements that describe the disability insurance premiums, below are the major factors that come into the picture: 

Occupation: Depending on the risk factors involved in the occupation, there will be variations in the expensiveness of the plan. 

Age: With the increase in age, there will be an enhancement in the premium amount. 

The waiting period: If you choose long-term disability insurance, which includes a longer waiting period, then you will be paying less premium. If you can manage an emergency fund, it is ideal to go for lower premium disability insurance policies. The final amount for the money you received every month after you become disabled, the final premium amount is more. 

The period of your insurance coverage: The longer the disability insurance coverage plan, there will be an increased premium amount. 


Final thoughts: 

Discuss your needs and other key factors associated with a suitable disability insurance plan with a reliable insurance provider like Risk managers, who will describe the coverage of the specific insurance policies and help you think ahead and plan for the future.  


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