Cyber attacks


The 5 Step Guide to protect your business with Cyber Insurance

With the high dependency of current businesses on technology, digital transformation is an essential aspect of every industry. The majority of businesses are performing their key aspects online including storing the customer data, banking, selling of products/services, and many more. This has also increased the probability of cybercrimes from fraudulent activities both in complexity and frequency. It has increased the importance

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Protect your Valuables with Insurance

You may think that homeowner’s insurance policies cover everything. However, insurance policies generally do not have the total coverage you need. Valuable items may be insured, but only at limits specified in the policy. Limits do keep homeowners policies affordable for all policyholders. For example, your insurance policy has a $1000 policy limit on your jewelry. However, your engagement/wedding ring

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Costs of Cyberattacks

Harvard Business Review states “Cybercrime alone costs nations more than $1 trillion globally which is far more than the record $300 billion of damage due to natural disasters in 2017.” Harvard Business Review further reported that cyberattacks are the major threats facing business today. They list cyberattacks ahead of asset bubbles, terrorism, and other risks. You may think your company is immune

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