Auto Insurance


The Basics of Auto Insurance

What is it and why do I need it? Insurance is what covers damages in the case of an accident. Damages may include vehicles, fences, and injuries. Maintenance and mechanical problems are not covered by insurance. Making monthly payments will always be less expensive than being on the line for repairing the brand-new sports car you rear-ended. Each state requires

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What Affects my Auto Insurance Rates?

Have you ever compared insurance prices with a friend and wondered why you were paying so much more? Have you ever wanted to reduce the premium you pay for your insurance, but not sure how to do that? Some aspects of insurance rates we can’t do much about. The increase in costs of labor and more expensive vehicles are two

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What are the extra benefits given by Speciality Auto Insurance over standard auto insurance?

If you are looking to purchase a new car then it is normal to purchase standard auto insurance to safeguard from any financial loss or any kind of liability risks. But in certain situations, standard auto insurance policies are not enough to provide the right insurance to certain special vehicles. A Speciality Auto Insurance policy is required to accurately meet

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What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Auto Insurance & How Does It Benefits Business

If you are running a business, vehicles are key for taking care of related multiple tasks. These vehicles may be leased, rented, or owned play a major role in deciding the success of your business. Regardless of transporting the goods to any service regions or deliveries to clients, several firms look to have optimal functioning of their vehicles of significant

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The Ultimate Guide to Personal Insurance

While it is impossible from preventing any unexpected happenings in life, there is a possibility to get some protection. Insurance is meant to secure people financially if any mishaps occur. There are different types of insurance options and it can be highly tricky to get which is the best one suited for your needs. Purchasing the right kind of insurance

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Prevent Major Roof and Siding Damages: Repair Your Rain Gutters

Ah, spring is coming and very quickly. Spring is a great time to add new paint, fresh décor, or a remodeling project to your list of to-dos. One item you should not neglect is rain gutters. “Rain gutters?” you say. “How mundane.” Yes, keeping up with regular maintenance on your rain gutter is not particularly glamorous, but clogged gutters can

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Homeowner’s Exclusions

Your home purchase is finalized, you have the homeowner’s insurance policy in hand, and you believe everything is great. You are a responsible homeowner, and you have purchased the required homeowner’s policy. Did you read through your policy to find out what exclusions and exceptions are in your policy? There are common homeowner insurance exclusions, but you can get “riders”

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What’s Written on those Pesky Insurance Forms?

Everyone needs property damage insurance for their home, auto, property, business, etc.  These policies are written in very small print, fill up many pages, are wordy, and include insurance terms that make no sense. Why can’t insurance forms, and legal papers for that matter, be written in plain English instead of upper-crust, formal, “I don’t know” language of the Gods?

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Condo Insurance Solutions for SLC, UT

There are two layers of property and liability insurance with condo ownership. Insurance solutions for SLC, UT include the first layer or owner policy referred to as an H06, and the second layer is called the Master Policy. H06 H06 is the unit owner policy. Unit owners are a liability for a slip and fall, dog bites, and accidents that

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2019 Commercial Auto Trends

Rates for all coverage classifications other than workers’ compensation are increasing at a controlled, slow pace. Workers Compensation is seeing a slight decrease in rate. Only transportation and commercial auto exposures are suffering large rate increases. Following is a summary from a trusted insurance company in Utah of what to expect as far as rate changes per coverage class: By

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