Look into Earthquake Insurance

The Utah Seismic Safety Commission states that at least 90 percent of the state’s population lives in an earthquake zone. In Utah, there is a seismic belt that ranges 100 miles wide and runs north to south along the Wasatch front. The fault line runs through Richfield to Cedar City and on to St. George. Drive up the canyons outside

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Costs of Cyberattacks

Harvard Business Review states “Cybercrime alone costs nations more than $1 trillion globally which is far more than the record $300 billion of damage due to natural disasters in 2017.” Harvard Business Review further reported that cyberattacks are the major threats facing business today. They list cyberattacks ahead of asset bubbles, terrorism, and other risks. You may think your company is immune

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What is Personal Liability and Property Damage Insurance?

PLPD is a car insurance term that stands for Personal Liability and Property Damage. In many states, PLPD is the legal minimum of what insurance amounts you need to carry on your vehicle. A good insurance risk manager in Utah can give you a breakdown of PLPD which might give you a better idea of what type of insurance coverage

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Homeowners Insurance is a Necessity

Be aware of your insurance policy. It may be something you don’t think about often, but if a disaster happens, can you imagine how you would rebuild or pay for damages? The proper insurance manager will help you write the policy to include those incidents that you may not believe will happen to you. Home insurance is a requirement if

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What is General Liability Insurance?

What is General Liability Insurance? Are you starting a new business? You’re going to need general liability insurance or Commercial General Business Liability policy. Business general liability insurance coverage is vital for most companies and will protect your company from catastrophic loss. Typically, general liability insurance in Utah protects you and your company from wide-ranging claims that involve bodily injuries

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Commercial Auto Insurance: Why it’s so critical

Commercial Auto Insurance Owning a business is not only a financial risk but also can create financial difficulties when certain problems arise and one is not insured correctly. Insurance is designed not only to protect your business but also for employees and company property. Commercial auto insurance is needed to protect your business in the case of an auto accident. Generally,

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How Insurance Helps Business Owners

Today, the reality of being sued and inundated with lawsuits is far more prevalent for business owners then years past. Lawsuits, in general, are damaging for the business, no matter the outcome.  They can be financially burdensome and slanderous. There are a variety of reasons why small and big companies get sued, and that same amount is not appropriately insured

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Why You Need Proper Insurance

We all need to have insurance for our vehicles, and we all want to save money where we can. That’s the reality of today’s world. But the other reality is that things are not getting cheaper to fix and trimming down your auto insurance is not the answer. Let’s break it down so you know what your auto insurance policy

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The Importance of Proper Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Regardless of the work environment, every company is susceptible to some sort of accident that can result in a worker’s compensation insurance claim.  When an employee is hurt at work, depending on the type of injury, the results could be a heavy financial burden if the employer is not properly covered. Worker’s compensation insurance covers the employer on a variety of

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